adam bergen

front-end web developer / writer


things i have developed & designed

hustle gigs
source code
: job board aimed at part-time creative jobs
lemniscates drawing game
source code
: multi-color canvas drawing game
etch your sketch
source code
: full-stack etch a sketch emulation
speak & say
source code
: full-stack blog style app
react back with etsy
source code
: etsy store product search
smartbark vet scheduler
source code
: scheduling vet apppointments online
doing life
source code
: task reminder app
in a giphy
source code
: gif search
time spent
source code
: simple year timer
global shale plays
: geo business website
trainer jess
: personal training business
job portfolio
: a sampling list of websites i helped create in the year and a half from my full-time job and contract job.
weather app
source code
: find your local weather

who i write for

monday views
: founder of self-help & lifestyle blog
local magazine
: formerly 002 houston : the city guide for houston
jmg magazine
: a guide for the modern lifestyle

my thread game

personal stylist
: men's personal stylist : helping you look good & feel good


full-time front-end developer. writer and men's fashion stylist in my free time. you probably saw neophile at the top. what is that? simply put, it's an affinity for being striking, original, or unusual. as a word geek/writer, i was excited to see a word encompass part of who i am - i like to stand out in all the good ways. i have a habit of seeing things and making them shine.

i'm the ultimate human database of random facts. self-proclaimed ping pong champion. decent beard grower. humbled by a years-long career in corporate finance that wasn't for me. creative outlets are my high octane gasoline. my passions are evident; i've finally gotten around to exploring them.


development. i don't claim to be anything i'm not; in other words, i don't oversell myself and then underdeliver. as a junior developer, my skillset is sharp and the learning curve is steep. what's that mean? if you want the next facebook or twitter built, i'm probably not your guy. if you want something smaller scale, chances are i can help you. and if i can't help you, i can definitely point you in the right direction.

design. i have a pretty sharp eye for design and user interface. feel free to check my portfolio, and we can bounce ideas.

writer. content, magazine articles, blog posts, and anything in between: i can write everything but your wedding vows (and if you're in need, maybe those, too).

men's fashion. guys, looking for some help in the fashion world? i work as a stylist in my limited free time, where I help take you from baggy and flip flops to fitted and fashionable. first impressions count, and it's time to end the denial that it doesn't.


sure, right here.


send paper airplanes

imitation is the best form of flattery. credit is nice.